Lords & Peasants

Lords & Peasants is a medieval real-time strategy and city building game developed by Inverted Cat Games. It has both single and multiplayer modes with up to 16 Players. Start out as a lord of a small village and develop it into a prospering city. Manage your city and rule over the peasants. Forge alliances and intimidate your enemies. Recruit an army and conquer the lands to create your kingdom.

Release Date: TBA

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Main Features

  • Large Dynamic World
    • Medieval towns and surrounding NPC villages
    • Bandit camps and other neutrals
  • Individually simulated Peasants
    • Birth, Age, growing up
    • Move between villages and towns
    • Character traits, needs and happiness
    • Can change profession/behavior
  • Diplomacy and Conquest
    • Subjugate surrounding NPC villages
    • Dominate the world economy through trade
    • Ally with others and defeat hostile factions
  • Multiplayer with up to 16 players
  • Modding
  • Procedurally generated Maps