Lords & Peasants Mid April Update

The past month we’ve been hard at work on different parts of the game:


We have implemented both UNET and Lidgren as our networking solutions and have decided to go with Lidgren which is light, fast and really easy to use. The problem with UNET is that the low level api would require us to implement a lot of features such as packet fragmentation ourselves and Lidgren supports those out of the box. The high level UNET API is still pretty bad/incomplete and was therefore out of the question. We are very happy the way Lidgren makes networking easy and lets us focus on the game itself.

Terrain Blend improvents

The ugly terrain from the trailer has been improved as can be seen below. The terrain now has a multi octave simplex noise for a rougher surface and blends according to height and some other factors. Keep in mid that the terrain is still pretty much WIP and will only get better in future.

More buildings

We have also added some more buildings such as:

The bakery:

The siege workshop:

The church:


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Walls, Catapults & Fire

One of the features we’ve recently added is the option to have your troops march in formation. The system is pretty flexible and allows anything from long marching columns to wide frontal assault blocks.

Combat & Fortifications

Currently we are focusing on warfare and fortifications. Next to the Palisade walls you’ve seen in the trailer we’ve also added the more costly stone walls & towers which provide a better way of defending your city. To counteract the new fortifications we introduce our first siege weapon: the catapult.


Siege weapons will be easily capable of setting towns ablaze, if left unchecked. Therefore it is essential to provide wells and other means of extinguishing fires.